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 Bill's D-Wheel Parts / The Underground

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PostSubject: Bill's D-Wheel Parts / The Underground    Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:06 pm

The unsuspecting duo of Toka and Karasu stood before the worn remains of what appeared to be a wooden shack, built between two towering skyscrapers. Almost a dog house in comparison to the two steel giants on either side of it. The building was no more than two stories high and as wide as the alley way it was squeezed in between; however, the building seemed to stretch on for at least a mile behind it. What it lacked in overall size, it made up for in length. The ricked sign in front read "Bill's D-Wheels."

"What are we doing here Toka-sama?" Karasu blinked looking up at the black haired male. He chuckled a bit and scratched his head, grinning mischievously.

"This is where we're going to get the parts to fix my D-Wheel. It's a custom model so it needs constant maintenance or it won't fly properly," Toka explained, pushing in the door as it creaked open slowly. He went inside first, followed by a more than hesitant Karasu following closely behind him. The girl had yet to regain her memories of the events before her shadow duel and clung to Toka's hand and foot; he being the only person she felt she could rely on at the time. Her duel spirit had also seemed to have somewhat left her. She had no longer seen beloved Des Submarine, not that she could even remember to look for him.

"Yo! Old man you up?!" Toka called out into the depths of the store. The first floor of the shop seemed rather plain. Incomplete D-Wheels as well as other various vehicles and machines hung on the walls, other shelves were filled with boxes of assorted parts as they would be in any other part store or the like. There was no answer, as only still silence and the dangle of rusty chains heeded his call. "Guess he's not here," Toka sighed, crossing his arms behind his head. He looked to Karasu who was eying a glass case full of various parts curiously. "Hey, wanna see something interesting?" She blinked, and looked at him then nodded; following him as he moved around the corner of the store to a hidden staircase behind the wall. The stairwell led them down what seemed like a few floors, before they arrived at a steel plated door, marked "No Entry". Toka knocked once, before a plate in the door slid to the side and a pair of menacing eyes looked over the two before closing again. The door fully opened; this time revealing a large underground arena. The area underneath the shop was needless to say much larger than the shop above. The undergound track seemed to stretch out for miles at a time, hundreds of curves and loops were built into the track as well, and random ground dueling arenas were also scattered throughout the area. Plenty of questionable individuals strolled around either talking amongst others or setting up duel challenges or placing bets on the D-Wheel Track.

"Welcome to The Underground." Toka grinned, standing beside Karasu. "People who can't duel officially or need a place to get a professional career started, get their bearings here."
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Bill's D-Wheel Parts / The Underground
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