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 My character's deck list (Zeon)

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PostSubject: My character's deck list (Zeon)   Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:43 pm

Zeon's deck (Currently):

Monsters (19)

2 AOJ Nullifier

3 AOJ Recycler

2 Ally of Justice Garadholg

3 AOJ Despertron

2 Ally Salvo

3 Ally of Justice Light Gazer

3 Ally of Justice Core Destroyer

1 Cyber dragon

Spells (9)

2 mystical space typhoon

2 instant fusion

1 dark hole

1 giant trunade

1 Dark Hole

1 Limiter Removal

1 Book of Moon

Traps (12)

3 DNA Transplant

2 Dimensional Prison

2 Dark Bribe

2 Bottomless Trap hole

1 Call of the Haunted

2 Draining Shield

Extra Deck ( 14):

3 Ally of Justice Judgment

1 Ally of Justice Catastor

1 Verus Divinus, Auron Iustitia

2 Ally of Justice Decisive Armor

2 Ally of Justice Field Marshal

3 Ally of Justice Flamvile

2 Barox

(For a look at Zeon's custom card effects, go here:

My RP Characters:

Chuku Hanarenai
Zeon Masayoshi
Syveta ???
??? (will appear later)
Solina Verger
Otium Nocte
Chitan Robertson
Selina Duskroot
Enjeru Karasu

Hades Blade

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My character's deck list (Zeon)
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