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 Jorney Into The Dark World

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PostSubject: Jorney Into The Dark World   Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:46 pm

Saix walked deep into the forest until he found a high hill with the biggest tree in the whole forest, resting on top of it. It was like the center of all life of the entire island. He toched his deck and it began to shine. From it emerged Raviel, surrounded by scared creatures of dark world. Shado placed himself on Saix's shoulder pointing his scythe at Raviel.

"Welcome Saix, to your your first meeting with darkness. The Dark world requires maintenance time to time... Unfortunatly for you, this is a dangerous one."

Raviel stepped forward "Saix... this is part of your path of strengthening ties with Dark world.. you must settle the raging creature there named Reign-Beaux. He does not like how dark world is operating. and even more so, That it's being ruled by a Human."

"So.. what exactly do i have to do? I've never been to dark world before.."

Raveil took saix's card 'Gate of the Dark World and activated it's power. A Gigantic Doorway that read 'Dark World' on it, had appeared that seemed to stretch to the heavens inside the forest. It was the size of a skyscraper, which could obviously stick out on such a small island.

"Enter into your world Saix.. and settle it's power. or you will just become another shadow it the path of Reign-Beaux.. We ask this of you not only because you are your master, but you have been touched by the heart of the Dark World. only such people can enter this gate. Which is why i've wanted you to be careful with who you associate with. If you get to close, those others can enter this realm as well."

Saix opened the giant doors by touching them and stepped into the shadows with his deck held tight in his hand,

"I Promise.. i will bring peace back to Dark World!" Saix dissapeared inside the gate. Leaving it there for his return. he needed to hurry before such a large thing became an obstruction.
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PostSubject: Re: Jorney Into The Dark World   Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:07 pm

Otium watched Saix enter the portal. Holding something in his hand, he followed him into the portal. Syveta was watching Otium.

"So this is my competation? Well this should prove interesting. If my information is right, I'll be able to find one of the things needed to break the Rules of Engagement's spell on me in there." Syveta giggled as she went into the portal.

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Jorney Into The Dark World
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