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 Breaking Boundaries

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PostSubject: Breaking Boundaries   Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:11 pm

Gail laid in the crevace of a few gathered rocks, the area around him rather desolate for a place like this. He wasn't moving for quite some time before his eyes flickered open, first revealing a grave red aura from his pupils, but returning to normal soon after. The necklace from before was no where to be found. His clothes and body seemed in tact. His deck however was scattered all about the grounds and his crystal beasts missing from his presence like usual.

Gail shifted his head in the rocks to look off into the distance where trees were, and the mountains farther beyond that. His head pounded him furiously, and his muscles refused to move. Not that he cared if they did.. he just wanted to lay there. "...Carbuncle.."

Suddenly, ruby carbuncle arose from it's card, this time in it's pure form, and swiftly flew to Gail's side making small noises inn worry of his situation. it looked at his hand, and the rocks beneath it. it had bled quite a bit and still had a hole heading straight though it. However, the hole was surrounded in black and was smaller than originally. the rocks were stained with it's dripped blood, but apparently something was healing it.. possibly the cause of Gail's passing out.

"Carbuncle.. we need to head home for now.. i don't know what i'm doing here right now, but it's not for the heart of what these others have." Gail started to drop one tear from his left eye and remember his mother. He couldn't accept things as they were, that this demon was trying to control him and his mother gone. Something had to and was going to change if Gail had any say in it.

"I love you guys.. i'll cure you, i promise.." Gail's body soon began to move until he stood straight up. he stared directly at the sun but his eyes were completely safe for some reason. After a while, he bagan to walk.
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Breaking Boundaries
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